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More and more people are really understanding the value of what an independent insurance agency can bring. The first benefit that most people encounter right away is the price. Being independent gives you access to many different carriers to get the best rate, rather than being locked into just one.

Insurance companies are always adjusting their rates and the rating factors such as zipcodes, family size, credit history, etc. So one carrier may rate well for one family while another carrier may be higher. They can all fluctuate quite a bit, so it is important to shop it around.

The other advantage is the type of products that are offered. For example, some carriers have better packages for higher value homes while others may have a better price but not the right coverage. This is especially true on insurance for rental properties. The policies vary quite a bit on coverage, so it is very important to have access to the right carriers.

In the end, having access to multiple carriers can provide not only the best rates but also the best coverage for your most valuable assets

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