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Independent Insurance for Minnesota Families and Individuals.

Life Insurance

Provide a financial windfall for your loved ones so they can invest in their relationships & live with less fear.

Long Term Disability

This insurance provides a monthly benefit if you get too hurt or sick to work for longer periods.

Property & Casualty

Auto Insurance, home owners insurance, general liability and other protection you always need.

Why Choose an Independent Agency?

Indpendent Insurance Agents, like our team here at The Rock, are able to provide quotes and products from dozens of companies, unlike “captive” insurance agents from mega companies you see on television.

Better Pricing

Shopping multiple companies for the best value helps reduce your pricing.

Unbiased Advice

We’re agents first – not employees of the insurance company.

One Stop Shop

We’re able to provide all types of insurance.
When People Rely on You

Life Insurance

Families are devastated by loss every day.

Life Insurance allows widows and widowers to rebuild their lives with relationships at the center – rather than panic. When children need their surviving parent the most, life insurance can pay off debt, replace missing income, and empower love & security to conquer fear and uncertainty.

Providers with an Eye on Price & Value
We work with life insurance companies that provide the best values in the industry.
Real Planning
We don’t chase commissions, contests, or add-on sales.  Our goal is to help your family during what might be the toughest time in their lives.
We guide our insurance recommendations according to shrewd, wise, and competent principles.
Overweight and Tobacco
Protection for heavy people and tobacco users is something we’re passionate about.  We have multiple providers with strong competative offers.
Life Insurance
How Much Life Insurance Does My Family Need?
Total Risk Amount, Underwriting, and Affordability should all be taken into account when choosing long term disability insurance.
Payoff Debt
The reason why most widows and widowers struggle after a loss is because they struggle to pay all the bills.  Life insurance should probably payoff mortgages, car loans, student loans, and any other liabilities that place high demands on income.
Replace Income

When children & grandchildren need relationships the most, lost income can steal from families.

The most critical component when deciding a life insurance benefit amount is replacing the lost income that the family relies on.

Life insurance should provide a nest-egg that can produce income at a reasonable withdrawal rate, reducing the rate of the survivor running out of money.

Build Cash Reserves & Fund Education

Finally, funding education and a cash-reserve savings account should be considered.

No family wants to use their life insurance.

Plan properly so that your loved ones have the support they need.

What happens if you become disabled?
Long Term Disability Income Insurance
Long Term Disability protects your ability to earn income against long term disabilities.  Disability happens – whether it’s cancer treatments, disabling migraines, joints, or mental health problems – disability is an important risk to mitigate.
What is Disability Insurance?
If you became too sick or hurt to work for extended periods of time, Long Term Disability (DI) insurance helps cover a portion of your income.  It can protect bonuses, commissions, and other types of income.
How Much Disability Insurance Do I Need?
You need enough disability income insurance to protect your monthly income needs.  Disabled people want to focus on rehabilitation or healing, not evictions and foreclosures.
Income Protection – Your Greatest Asset
Many people forget that their abiltiy to earn income is their greatest financial asset.
Group vs. Individual
Many people have long term disability insurance with their employer, but there’s often a coverage gap and people forget that changing jobs, getting fired, or becoming self-emplyoed can make getting coverage difficult in the future.
Long Term Disability

How Much Long Term Disability Insurance Do I Need?

Every cusotmer is different, but families generally want to protect 60%-70% of their incomes.
Discover the Coverage at Work
Group Long Term Disability with an employer is usually the least expensive protection available. The first step is to discover if your employer has these options.
Analyze Your Risk & Need
Do your monthly budget, and find out what percent of your income your family couldn’t afford to lose.  Once you’ve discovered that, you know what needs protecting from getting too hurt or sick.
Perform Underwriting
Once you’ve decided on the protection you need, it’s important to find out how your age, health, income type, and professional classification impact your overall risk and pricing.