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If you are 65 or older you likely received a letter stating that if you have a medicare cost plan you have to move it for this coming year to a medicare advantage plan or a combination of Medicare part A, B, and or D.

The Medicare Advantage plans and Supplement plans can be a great solution for this move. This includes parts A, B, and sometimes part D. They are an all in one inclusive plan that also can include dental and vision, as well as hearing aid assistance.

These plans are an excellent package and some have even come in at a lower premium then the cost plans that people had before. Many people are wondering why the move? The insurance companies were getting their profits capped by the government with cost plans. They have actually been lobbying for years to get rid of cost plans because of the limited profit. The government finally relented and made the move.

For Minnesotans this effects all but 21 counties. The counties that are not effected are below:

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