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I have had many African organizations and associations ask me if they would qualify for group life insurance. While many carriers will not do it, a select few will. The minimum amount of members needed to qualify is only 25. The same rules that  apply to group life insurance for businesses apply here as well. There is no medical exam or minimal underwriting, and it can be written for much less expensive rate.

There are a lot of African immigrant organizations that are taking on this concept to introduce and educate their members of the idea and benefit behind life insurance. Among some of the different African communities, Life insurance has not traditionally been something that has been taught. As a consequence the benefits of life insurance have not been explained and are not being used.

For example, in the Liberian community with the death of a loved one, they pull money together to contribute to the funeral, or expenses to fly the deceased back to Liberia. While the community aspect is beautiful, if there was a group policy in place that even covered just $10,000, benefit would be huge and would relieve a lot of pressure on these community members during such a difficult time.

As people see the benefit of this play out more and more in their communities, more people are jumping on this opportunity, and therefore helping out their loved ones in a great way.

If you want to know whether or not your organization or business qualifies, please email me at chris@therockinsure.com.