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The Rock Insurance Agency – Burnsville MN

We Exist to Love and Serve People.

Excellent Prices

We have some of the best pricing & product selection in the industry.

Unbiased Advice

Our independence allows us to focus on providing value – not pushing products.

Competent Planning

Families and Businesses have unique risks – we’ll competently guide your to make wise decisions.


Insurance isn’t the most glamorous or interesting industry, but it’s intensely relational and people-focused.

We’ve built The Rock Insurance Agency so that we can love and serve families and business owners in the South Metro region of MInneapolis St. Paul. 

Insurance is used during the most trying of times, and we want to make sure that each family we’ve interacted with has taken the time to competently plan for loss, disability, sickness, disaster and other risks.

We believe insurance is about wisely planning for the unseen – taking a portion of what we have to plan ahead – it’s not about fear.

More Than Just Insurance

Great for Agents

We’ve creaed an amazing package for agents to grow a practice.

MIssion FOcused

We want to be generous with what we’ve been given, and our goal is to build into the country of Liberia with Entreprenurial generosity.


We’re building a practice with an eye on integrity & living out our core values.  We’re a faith-based agency service all walks of life.

Chris Lohrey

I built The Rock Insurance agency because I love people, and I want to help them.

In order to best serve people, we wanted to craft an agency that allowed agents to pursue the best interests of our clients, providing them with the best products and tools to do their job. 

The Resut has been amazing – and we’ve been able to build a successful agency after years of working with other insurance firms.

Great Prices, Unbiased Advice, & Competent Planning is what we’re here to deliver.

Minneapolis Insurance Company for Small Business

Serving Minneapolis & the Twin Cities

Our Offices are located in Burnsville, but we’re called to serve the entire Twin Cities metro, particularly the south-metro beacuse it’s the communities we personally live in.